I am an illustrator and graphic designer based in Glasgow

(United Kingdom). I love the image in all fields and I never stop searching for new styles and new forms of self-expression to improve my skills. I am a passionate artist with an interest in working with like-minded people in creative environments and I enjoy working with a team and look forward to meeting new people in all prospective work environments.
I’m a highly focused, dedicated and motivated person who learns quickly and works to the highest achievable level in everything that I do. I have strong interpersonal skills and have and a positive, enthusiastic, and helpful attitude. I am able to multi-task and I am a very organized, approachable, warm and friendly person who will complete the job asked in time and to a high standard. I am a designer and illustrator who thrives on working in this type of environment. I have a strong portfolio that represents my skills and I proudly would like to show.


My chosen topic for Digital Media project was “Dawn”. I needed to design a pair of posters relevant to the subject word Dawn.

I drew some concepts in my sketchbook to show my ideas. My chosen concept was “Rio de Janeiro City” in the 1930s and 2019. I research and found in two different time eras of Rio de Janeiro for my concept and got more recent images from that, I got inspired to do my own design.


So I researched and found some old reference images along with more recent ones which inspired my design. I chose Rio de Janeiro because it is well known and I thought it would be interesting to show the comparison between the two time spaces.

Landscape layout was chosen so I can show the area of Rio de Janeiro city in its full perspective. While using illustrator I experiment with shadows in my geometric design and I think that brought depth within my work. Typography was inspired by travel postcards and that complements the image of Rio city. I added some filters to my 1930s poster to create a vintage feel, I managed to achieve this using noise filter in Photoshop and Hue and saturation in the adjustment section.

I like to design my illustrations with simple geometric shapes by using vector curves and sharp lines. I also inspired by the style of paintings from Art Deco to add flat colours and shadows. For this project, I created all pieces of my design in Adobe Illustrator.

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